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Workplace Wellness

On-site counselling support to the workplace

Elephant Counselling is incredibly proud of its ability to offer on-site counselling support to the workplace.

Forward thinking workplaces are prioritising workforce wellbeing as a means of creating a connective and supportive place to be.

Providing the opportunity for your valued workforce to attend talking therapy sessions as part of their normal working day can have incredibly powerful outcomes. 

The Sessions

The one hour sessions are professionally delivered, confidential and would require an appropriate room to accommodate this need.

Sessions are voluntary. Clients simply register an interest within the workplace and sessions arranged consecutively during the work day.
Elephant Counselling insists on the working practice of NO MAXIMUM or  MINIMUM number of sessions. This approach removes the feeling of 'how many have I got left?', a harmful and disruptive consideration which can often affect the speed and the depth of the therapeutic journey.

Workplace wellness days

Workplace wellness days are charged at standard session rate plus an additional fee for time and travel to and from the venue.

Please feel free to get in touch today on 07716 369689 or if you would like to find out more about how Elephant Counselling can support your workplace wellbeing.
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