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The Sunday Belly Club

A Stress & Anxiety Workshop designed to support staff Well-Being in the workplace

‘The Sunday Belly Club’ is a Staff Well Being Workshop designed for the workplace and delivered to its valued community of employees with a focus on staff stress and anxiety. 

A ‘Sunday Belly’ is a common feeling experienced by many employees. A term associated with the somatic abdominal washing machine, filled with fear and connected to the post weekend return to the workplace. Being honest, for some, it’s not only saved for a Sunday!

The prospect of ‘the return’ to work is often accompanied by negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings that fuel unhelpful behaviours and create body sensations with paralysing outcomes.

This interactive workshop has been thoughtfully designed to identify, understand and explore individual responses to workplace stress and anxiety.

Tailored to fit requested timings, the ‘Sunday Belly Club’ is a pro-active attempt to provide staff with a safe and supportive opportunity to make sense of the chaos that stress and anxiety can cause; an incredibly powerful tool to equip staff members with at work and onward into life. Designed to accommodate individuals, departments or entire workforces, the workshop creates a professional, supportive and safe opportunity for workplace staff members to gain an understanding of the why’s and where’s of their workplace worries, offering stress and anxiety management strategies.

  • Full day or half day workshops are available.
  • Workshops tailored to suit staff numbers
  • Delivered as part of an internal INSET programme
  • Staff CPD
  • Staff Mental Health Days

Workshop Components

  • Identifying stress and anxiety triggers
  • Identifying stress and anxiety triggers
  • Connecting with stress and anxiety
  • Exploring reactivity
  • Transparent communication
  • Management and de-escalation techniques
  • Mapping stress: Individually, Departmentally or as one community

The Sunday Belly Club is looking for new members! 

Contact Matt today on 07716 369689 or to join ‘THE SUNDAY BELLY CLUB’.



What Sunday Belly Club Members say…

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