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Support for Children & Young People

How are you? No Really, How are you?

Having the ability to accurately know how we are can be incredibly helpful; being able to share how we are can be life changing.

Do you SPIKE or do you DIP?

Explode RED or implode PURPLE?

Or do you even know?

Life can get BIG sometimes, what is your BIG?

My name is Matt, once a teacher now a counsellor and I can help. A chat with Matt can be a helpful way to untangle the BIG STUFF that you may have right now. STUFF I often chat with others includes:

Stress and Anxiety at school that may be leading to:

  • low attendance - "I can't even get in there" or "I don't want to go"
  • low mood - "CBA" or "just leave me alone"
  • reactive behaviour - "WTF" or "what's the point?"
  • exam stress - "I can't do this!!", "where do I start?" or "it's too late"
  • friendships - "I don't want to be with them" or "I don't know what I've done"

Stress and Anxiety outside of school - STUFF, any other STUFF. The STUFF we carry around that bogs us down or fires us up!

We all have STUFF, the difference is some of us do our best to untangle it and understand it. Only then does our STUFF get smaller, understood and we gain the ability to manage it.
Feel free to get in touch.

Contact Matt today on 07716 369689 or to discuss how this can positively impact on your well-being.



What my clients say…

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