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Rainbow Tracking

An emotional awareness approach for staff and students in educational settings.

Elephant Counselling’s 'Rainbow Tracking' methodology has been developed for schools and colleges to equip their valued staff and students with the ability to accurately answer the question ‘HOW ARE YOU?’

What is Rainbow Tracking?

Using a standardised language of colours and gesture, community members quickly become fluent communicators; enabling what were once impossible conversations to become natural, authentic school-based check-in’.

‘Check-ins’ develop as a means of daily conversation. They can be held formally in designated sessions and encouraged informally at desks, in the playground or around the kettle; because everybody knows everything is better over a tea or coffee!

Staffrooms and classrooms are benefitting from emotionally aware communities who can accurately converse using standardised indicators alongside bespoke interpretations of ‘HOW THINGS ARE’.

Rainbow Tracking is fast becoming the language that schools and colleges are using as a catalyst for deeper conversation to occur.

Individual growth, departmental cohesion, whole school connection.

Rainbow Tracking is proving to be incredibly powerful. Schools and colleges are witnessing the significant impact on performance, achievement, behaviour, connection, attendance and also in the forming of positive community cultures.

The simple yet effective approach promotes the accurate identification and understanding of ‘reactive state’. Knowing and understanding ‘how we feel’ is incredibly helpful and a huge stepping stone towards asking for and getting what we need to help.

So, are you ready to ask your school or college community the question?…


  • Do you dip PURPLE? Or do you spike RED?
  • When are you green?
  • Two thumbs up? Two thumbs down? Or somewhere in between?
  • What helps? What does not?
  • What do you feel?
  • How will you behave?


Rainbow Tracking Features

  • Personalised Rainbow resources
  • Access to all Rainbow resources and unlimited use of all resource sheets
  • 1 x ON-SITE support and delivery day for designated staff (YEAR 1)
  • 1 x ON-SITE visit for observations / training top up (YEAR 2 AND 3)
  • 1 x parent presentation evening (YEAR 1, 2 AND 3)
  • Additional visits for bespoke training/new staff/top up delivery available on request.


Workshop Information

Contact Matt today on 07716 369689 or to discuss how the ‘RAINBOW TRACKING?’ can positively impact on your community well-being.



What my clients say…

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