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How do you eat an elephant?

An interactive student well-being workshop

The ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ project has been designed for schools and professionally delivered to their valued community of students. The workshop encourages students not only to identify but also to explore and manage the unhelpful outcomes of their individual stresses and anxieties commonly experienced in education settings.

The struggle to cope with STRESS and ANXIETY at school, college or University is often accompanied by negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings that fuel unhelpful behaviours and create body sensations with paralysing outcomes.

The metaphorical origin of the project practically examines the reaction of students during times where ‘THINGS HAVE SIMPLY BECOME TOO BIG TO HANDLE’ and provides a safe and supportive space for students to apply individualised solutions to the complexities of school, college or university life.

Tailored to fit existing school day timings, schools, colleges and universities have the ability to decide upon the workshop focus to suit individual requirements:

  • Educational stress and anxiety (specific exam focus)
  • Emotional stress and anxiety (holistic approach to school life)
  • Negative behaviour (what are the triggers?)
  • School refusal /low attendance (the why’s and the way back)

Schools, colleges and universities have the ability to bespoke the project to meet the demands of the individual school focus.

  • Intensive whole day delivery to small groups of targeted students.
  • Carousel delivery to whole year groups.
  • Exam stress focus to examination students.
  • Behaviour management focus for students struggling to cope with school life.

Workshop Features

  • Interactive and practical activities
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy tasks
  • ‘Doodlepad’ note taking
  • Tailored to fit existing school timings
  • Accompanying assembly
  • Whole year group delivery
  • Targetted delivery to identified student groups
  • Staff/parent drop ins (optional)

Workshop When’s

  • Exam season preparation
  • PSHE impact day
  • Enrichment day activity
  • Mental health and well being week
  • Behaviour management

Workshop Information

Contact Matt today on 07716 369689 or to discuss how the ‘HOW DO YOU EAT AN ELEPHANT?’ project can positively impact on your student well-being.



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