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The journey

The journey towards untangling the complexities of life often requires a courageous first step. By reading this, you may have already taken it.

Talking therapy can be a powerful tool in the pursuit to make sense of those complexities.

Sharing can provide an opportunity to explore. Sharing can heal past hurts, sharing can free the now, sharing can guide the future.

I offer a safe space for deep internal enquiry. I provide a genuine and authentic approach that will support you in times of concern.


“If the diver always thought of the shark he would never lay hands on the pearl”


The Work

The work takes place from my counselling room based in Exeter.

I work using face to face talking therapy and/or on-line using ZOOM. I offer both long term and short term counselling. The length of therapeutic journey will be different for each client. The number of sessions and the frequency is tailored to fit the needs of the individual.


“Nothing changes, except my perception and that changes everything”

Anthony De Mello

My Fees

Counselling Session - 55 mins
Couples Relationship session - 1 hour
Couples Relationship session - 1.5 hours
Couples Relationship session - 2 hours
Online Zoom Session - 55 mins

My Location

My face to face sessions take place in my counselling room in Westclyst, just outside of Pinhoe near Exeter.

My Blog - What's got BIG?

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